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Alice Howland is a renowned linguistics professor happily married with three grown children. All that begins to change when she strangely starts to forget words and then more. When her doctor diagnoses her with Early-onset Alzheimer's Disease, Alice and her family's lives face a harrowing challenge as this terminal degenerative neurological ailment slowly progresses to an inevitable conclusion they all dread. Along the way, Alice struggles to not only to fight the inner decay, but to make the most of her remaining time to find the love and peace to make simply living worthwhile. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (


Makis Tzioras is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh

In Alzheimer’s disease the connections between nerve cells in the brain, called synapses, are being lost. The loss of these connections strongly correlates to cognitive decline, but the mechanisms are unclear. Makis will tell us about Microglia, immune cells in the brain, which clear up dying neurons and synapses - but perhaps too much!
Once we've absorbed the research on Microglia and how these cells can impact the brain in Alzheimer's disease, we will watch the award winning "Still Alice". Follow the cup for more from Makis.

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