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ScotSci aims to provide an exciting and engaging programme that enables people to develop a critical understanding of science and its implications for our lives and for society as a whole. Our activities are organised by a local committee of dynamic and enthusiastic volunteers.


Initially, some of our committee members were part of the Edinburgh British Science Association local branch. Since the Branch was launched in 2003, we delivered a diverse range of events, often in cooperation with other like-minded organisations and groups. We transitioned to an independent organisation, ScotSci in early 2019.


We run a monthly Sci-Screens as well as hosting special events throughout the year. We participate in local community events such as the Fountainbridge Canal Festival and the Midlothian Science Festival. We organise public debates with Edinburgh partners on science and technology based issues. Other events reflect the interests of current volunteers. So please check our website regularly for forthcoming events, send us any suggestions you have for events you would like to see, and contact us if you would like to become a volunteer.

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Science for the public 

Science is for everyone. We care about making science accessible to all and aim to bridge scientific research and everyday life. We have regular events aimed at adults, such as our monthly SciScreens.

Science for young people

We want young people to be as excited about science and research as we are. We bring explanations of scientific phenomena and ideas to inspire younger people at local events such as the Edinburgh Canal Festival.

Science for scientists

Love wolves but not a wolf scientist? Interested in neuroscience but spend your working week in the field catching butterflies? We bring top level talks and events on fields away from your money making science!



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Here comes Super November!

ScotSci have organised an event-packed month with events on three consecutive Thursdays in November, to keep you science-happy as the chilly weather really sets in! Alongside our usual SciScreen, we're going to host two special events as part of Being Human 2020. Please see the descriptions and links below for more information.

Costumed Visions, November 12th, 7-9pm w/the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society, University of Edinburgh.

Superheroes are everywhere today, and they show no sign of slowing down. The things we watch and read shape how we feel about the human body and what it might become in ways we might not even notice, with idealised shapes and new ‘transhuman’ abilities becoming more and more unremarkable. Or are they? Once we start to think about superhero abilities being real, do we always think as positively about them as when they’re just an (amazing) fantasy?

Join us for an online evening of discussion with experts in examining what these interactions with technology with society tell us about our attitudes to the body, ability, disability, and identity. We will look at how these new kinds of body are represented across comics and films, challenge some preconceptions, and answer your questions about the future of the body.

Pre-reading and viewing ideas will be provided before the event.

This event is part of the series ‘Visualising Bodies’, organised by the University of Edinburgh.

Find out more and book your free tickets here.

Being Superhuman Café, November 19th, 6.30-8pm.

High visual acuity is a characteristic of the best pilots. Sommeliers develop excellent olfactory skills… but what if they could smell more than wine? What if humans could use an enhanced sense of smell to detect the chemical changes in our bodies linked to disease? Join this interactive discussion about the world of human skills and senses, and how they have been used to diagnose disease throughout the ages and in modern day. With Dr Hannah Newton, Associate Professor of Health Humanities at the University of Reading and Joy Milne, researcher in Analytical Olfaction at the University of Manchester with an extraordinary ability – the ability to smell Parkinson’s disease.

Find out more and book your free tickets here.

SciScreen: “Rien A Declarer” and Bilingualism, November 26th, 7-9pm.

Can you be different versions of yourself when you speak different languages? Dive into the science behind bilingualism and personality with Antonella Sorace, Professor of Developmental Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh who will be delivering November's fascinating SciScreen. The suggested accompanying film is “Rien A Declarer”, which you can watch before or after the event (no knowledge of the film is needed to attend the event on 26th, so do come along even if you haven't watched the film).

Find out more and book your free tickets here.





Collaborations and Volunteering

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